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Scout XC Apache
( $2,593.00 )
( $1,849.00 )
( $1,170.00 )
( $465.00 )
( $700.00 )
( $890.00 )
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( $319.00 )

The Scout XC Apache Light Sport Aircraft airframe is a revolutionary design incorporating Scout aircraft design suspension, welded 4130 aircraft steel main structure (Back Frame), 4130 dual mast and trailing link front steering. Unlike the tube-and-plate constructed trikes with their single mast, drag struts, side support cables and bungee cord suspension, the Scout XC airframe will maintain its structural integrity for years to come. You can enjoy years of sturdy and confident flying knowing your trikes' rugged and well-designed suspension won't get worn out. The Scout XC Apache comes with a long list of features as Standard Equipment. The Airfoil Mast reduces drag, and improves tracking at higher speeds by reducing yaw and twist of the mast by the stronger, more aerodynamic mast profile. The Airfoil Mast shape also provides extra space for your passenger. The Steering Dampener provides adjustments to dampen the "shimmy" that may occur during landings and makes every flight safer. Finned Wheel Fairings also reduce drag and improve tracking, and look great too! Aircraft-grade Matco Brakes ensure firm control on the runway. The Aluminum Leaf Spring Suspension reduces drag with a slim profile, and is built from rugged and strong 7075 Aluminum. You can use the Adjustable Front Seat to conveniently change the position of the Front Seat, very handy for flight training. Browse the list of Standard Features below, and you will see why the Scout XC is regarded as an excellent aircraft for performance and safety for the price in light sport aviation. The Scout XC Apache can be ordered with a variety of options. The Scout XC is certified as a Special Light Sport Aircraft when paired with the powerful and reliable Rotax 912UL engine (100HP Rotax 912S available) and our Conquest light sport aircraft wing. You can also fly the Scout XC as a Experimental Light Sport Aircraft when using any other engine and/or wing configuration. The Scout XC Apache provides a nice layout of gauges with room left over for your custom needs. Here you also see the rugged yet keen design of the Apache front fork wheel system. You will appreciate the solid yet responsive feel of its trailing link suspension. The front suspension works so well, it survived a full front wheel landing at 60 mph!